Please be on time for classes, classes start promptly at their scheduled time. Any distractions in class (specifically classes for younger children) cause a disruption for all the dancers. With focus being one of our main tasks for our students, ensuring the dancer arrives on time creates an environment where proper focus is possible. Arriving late to class also creates a danger for the dancer, as they are not getting the proper warm up needed for their class.

We strongly recommend your dancer attends every class they can healthy. More than 3 absences per class may result in not being allowed to perform in the end of year concert, as well as public performances.

Please communicate all absences through studio e-mail, text or phone call as soon as possible.


We have high standards as far as the conduct of our dancers and their families. Dancers and parents will show respect for teachers, other students and all members of our community. No inappropriate, rude comments or behavior will be tolerated. All dancers and parents will be held accountable for their behavior/comments. At any time, Mountain Dance Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not comply. Mountain Dance Company has a NO DRAMA POLICY. You will be asked to leave, and there are NO REFUNDS.


The health of our dancers is incredibly important to the staff at MDC. All medical conditions- physical/mental/emotional should be noted at registration, and updated as there are developments.

Physical conditions- if your dancer must sit out of a class, we require a doctor’s note when they are cleared to return for activity.

Mental/Emotional Conditions- Sharing mental conditions ensures that the instructor can adjust for each student. We strive to create individual learning processes for each student, which will aid in each dancers development.

*The more information that is provided for the dancer, the more we can aid the dancer. Please note any learning conditions, and if your child has an IEP or receives additional assistance in different scholastic areas. This creates a larger community around your dancer and will assist in their success with dance.

Cell Phones-

No cell phones are allowed in the studio. There will be a place to leave cell phones at the front desk. If a cell phone is seen during class, it will be taken out to the front desk. If you need to communicate with your dancer, please contact the studio, and we will be happy to give them a message.

Social Media-

We love Social media as much as everyone else! We have our own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and we update and add daily to all of our pages. Students and parents are encouraged to follow us, and tag us in your photos and videos. Any student or parent posting negatively about other students, families, or MDC will be dismissed. If your dancer has inappropriate information/behavior on their social media accounts and follows the studio, we will address it with a conference.


All clothing and shoes can be purchased through the studio store 

Ballet- Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, ballet skirts permitted

Tap- Leotard, tights, black tap shoes, shorts allowed

Jazz/Pom- Leotard, tights, jazz shoes, shorts/skirts allowed

Lyrical/Acro- Leotard, tights, bare feet, shorts/skirts permitted

Hip Hop- Leotard, tank tops, form fitting shirts, shorts, skirt (with shorts or leo) leggings, sweatpants, Hip Hop sneakers NO JEANS ALLOWED

Little Explorers- Leotard/skirt tights proper shoe attire

Adult Classes- Form fitting clothes you feel comfortable in

Boys- Tank top, t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants

*No inappropriate or offensive clothing is allowed

**Tights are required for hygienic reasons


All classes require hair to be pulled completely off the face. A Bun is required for Ballet, Acro and classes. All other classes require a ponytail. If hair is too short to be pulled into a ponytail, it must be pinned back from face. Ponytail holders and bobby pins can be purchased at any time from the front desk.

Personal Hygiene-

Teaching our dancers how to take care of their physical bodies is an essential part of dance. We recommend making sure your dancer is taking care to wash their hands, showering regularly and using products that are age appropriate for their hygiene. They should be sweating in every class, so they will need a shower/bath after class. This will also help cut down on illnesses.


There is to be minimal jewelry in classes. No hoop/dangly earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets or rings. Stud earrings are allowed. Classes such as Lyrical, Acro and pom will require partnering so very long nails are not allowed in class as a safety hazard. Any classes with bare feet require maintenance of toenails.

 Failure to comply will result in inability to partake in class that day.